Bid goodbye to frizzy hair this monsoon

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frizzy hair

The much awaited monsoon season is here for all to enjoy the rains. Everything looks fresh and blooming during monsoon and elevates one’s mood. Not to forget the plight of females and their struggles with frizzy hair gifted by this season. High levels of humidity spoil the hair and make it unmanageable.

We are here at your rescue to let you enjoy the monsoon season without any worries of your frizzy hair.

Check out the tips below:

Say yes to serums: One of the best gifts you can give to your hair are serums this season. Whether you are indoors or outdoors, do not give serum a miss and enjoy smooth and manageable hair.

Oil massages: A nice oil massage followed by steam for hair can do wonders this monsoon. Oil not only conditions but lets hair take in the right amount of nourishment, making your hair gorgeous and silky.

Shampoo twice a week: Mantra to healthy scalp is shampooing twice a week. Monsoons can make your hair brittle and over washing will only worsen the case.

Dryers are a must: Thinking of leaving the house with wet hair? Please do not. Make sure you are drying your hair well before leaving the house during monsoon season.