erectile dysfunction & improve libido

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Erectile dysfunctioning can be very frustrating! Try these foods to deal with the problem.

Eating right can not only help you stay fit and young but can also help boost your sexual life. Especially, for men who suffer from erectile dysfunction few diet changes can do wonders. Before you reach out for medication here are few foods that can help improve your sexual stamina and treat symptoms of erectile dysfunction effectively.

Beetroots: When it comes to male sexual health or a problem like erectile dysfunction nothing beats beetroots. They are rich in nitrates, an inorganic compound present in air, water and certain foods. The bacteria in the mouth convert the nitrates into nitrite and when swallowed the stomach bacteria further converts it into nitric oxide, a gas that helps the blood vessels to dilate and improve blood circulation. This means more blood circulating in the lower part of the body and the penis that translates into better erection and helps last longer in the bed. However, beetroot juice is thought to give the best results. Apart from this, they also help you to improve your blood count.

Watermelon: This wonder summer fruit is high in L-citrulline and lycopene, two components that can do wonders to boost male sexual health. Citrulline helps blood vessels to relax and promotes blood circulation that helps to keep an erection for longer. It also improves testosterone level that is essential for male sexual health. Lycopene, on the other hand, works in a similar manner making watermelons a must have to beat erectile dysfunction.

Oats: Especially, wild oats are good for treating problems related to erectile dysfunction or impotence. They are high in a compound called arginine that helps in making testosterone active in the blood. This one action is enough to spice up your sex life and reduce the effects of the condition.

Pistachios: Eating a handful of pistachios each day can be beneficial in improving your sexual desires and virility. In fact, arginine present in pistachios is responsible for getting you in the right mood. It relaxes the blood vessels, improves good cholesterol level and lowers blood pressure with no side effects. All this helps to achieve a good erection and delay the onset of erectile dysfunction.

Shellfish: Oysters and shellfish have a high amount of zinc in them, a mineral that is essential for the production of testosterone in men. Low level of testosterone is one of the reasons for erectile dysfunction and other sexual problems.